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The Wine Regions of Spain

Spain has a diverse set of wines. The location of present-day Spain has been a land of great wines for thousands of years. This is why such a variety of wines related beverages have been brought to perfection in this region. This why Andalusian sherry is so widely renowned. Take time to become familiar with the wine regions of Spain.

Sherry is a fortified wine that begins with alcohol before being aged. Sherry comes in such varieties as Fino, Manzanilla, and Oloroso. The former two are known for their acidity, while the latter is known for its mellow aging. All are popular as dessert wines, particularly among the British.

Red wines are also very important in Spain. With so much sunshine and red soil, it isn't surprising that Aragonese red wines are so full. Grenache is also treasured.

Castilla is a historical region for great arts, and the wines stand up to this tradition. In fact, this area is considered by many to be the largest wine region on Earth. White Airen is a wonderfully crisp wine. Tempranillo is a red wine that often has French additions.

In the area to the north of Madrid, Rueda is produced. This is a light, delicate white wine made from Verdejo. Sauvignon Blanc is also popular.

Still, red wines remain the dominant themes around Spain. Ribera is a strong wine that is gaining renewed popularity. Tempranillo, in the form of Tinto Fino, ages into a beautifully blended red wine.

A Cabernet Franc variation that has traditional appeal is of the Mencia tradition. The wines here have powerful flavor. But, there are wines with a lighter touch produced here too. Godello is a white wine from this region that remains popular.

Catalonia is a Mediterranean wine making region that has classic appeal. The ancient wine making skills have brought about very hardy wines from the vinos rancios tradition. But, for those with lighter tastes, there are the Penedes white wines.

Cava produces sparkling wines, which resemble champagne. They are said to be very full.

Tarragona has very unique red wines. These full bodied wines are grown in slate. This Catalonia product is thought to be one of the most sought regional wines.

Galicia has a tradition of red wine making that dates back to ancient Rome. Today white wines from Celtic tradition are even more popular. When mixed together, they are said to the perfect complement to seafood. This goes right along with the rich diversity of the wine regions of Spain.