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Take Your Choice of Wine or Beer

Would you believe there is a course titled "Understanding Wine and Beer" offered by Cornell University? This course covers everything from microbiology to the basics of viticulture. Even related subjects, such as taste neurobiology and taste chemistry, are covered. Today, these are the two most popular alcoholic beverages in the western world.

It is typically generalized that women drink wine and men drink beer. Statistics bear this out, but also show that the gap is shrinking. Both of these drinks remain very popular among those who consume alcoholic beverages.

Economies of scale and global competition have allowed the masses to take part in drinking the better tasting wines from around the world. Once, these could only be purchased by the elite, but now virtually everyone can enjoy them. This may be one reason why more people today enjoy the taste of wine in general. In fact, you can even make pretty good wine from home these days with the right wine making kit.

Meanwhile, beer technologies have improved to the extent that even cheap beer tastes as good as expensive beer did a couple generations ago. This is changing beer from the drink of barbarians to a standard fare among those who enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages.

Home beer making has been popular for nearly a century, but now there are inexpensive kits you can buy to do it. Some major beer companies have started in basements. It's just a matter of finding the perfect recipe.

More and more beer and wine enthusiasts and manufacturers are funding studies to show some of the positives associated with alcohol consumption. For example, several studies have shown decreases in heart attacks and strokes. It should be noted that beer from plant sources has some nutrients, just as wine does.

Knowing that not all of the health effects of beer and wine consumption are negative helps assuage some enthusiasts. So perhaps this will also help you to enjoy your Cabernet Sauvignon '96 or Laughing Dog Lager '06 to the fullest. If not, perhaps that Cornell University has a whole, accredited course dedicated to wine and beer will do it for you.

At the very least, you know that wine and beer are two important elements of modern western culture. Many people enjoy them on a daily basis. So if you are one of those people, whether you like wine, beer, or both, you are among a very large group of people.