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Italian Wine Regions -  Sicily

Sicily is a sunny area that has been known for its outstanding wine production for thousands of years. The original settlers of this area were the ones who brought agriculture to greatness in Italy.

In the western areas of Sicily the best wines are grown. The Gibellina Mountains and the Mazara Valley combine to make one of the largest growing regions in the world. In fact, many of the poorer wine grape growing regions mix grapes from this region into their wines to improve the quality of their wines.

Salemi and Marsala could be stated as the wine capital of this region. You may have heard of a wine with the name Marsala. The growing regions here are the most climatically perfect in Europe, rivaled only by California's climate.

In fact, this relatively small growing area produces more wine annually than Australia and New Zealand. Nearly all of the famous Italian wines are not only produced, but perfected here.

Ironically named after the local area, Marsala is the most produced of these wines and was brought here by the English only 200 years ago. Marsala was for a while thought by enthusiasts to be a cooking wine, but now it is a very popular drinking wine.

It doesn't really matter whether you're into white wines or red wines. Sicily has great wines suiting both tastes that are sought at high prices all over the world.

In this area, wine growing is thought of as a traditional art form, but with new techniques willingly applied and adapted. Grape growers go as far as to prune their vineyards to concentrate on flavor over mass production. In fact, many vintners insist on having their grapes picked at night so as not to destroy their perfected flavors before being put into cooling vats.

Not only are the most famous Italian red and white wines produced in Sicily, but many famous French wines from this region have also gained acclaim among wine enthusiasts. Surprisingly, however, while most of the growing of these wines is done in Sicily, the vast majority of the production takes place elsewhere.

Another interesting surprised of wine production from Sicily is that with all of the wonderful red wines that come from this region, white wine production far outweighs red wine production. But the region grows enough wine grapes to produce plenty of red wine.

The wines of Sicily have been around for thousands of years, but remain vibrant to this day.