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French Wine Regions - Burgundy

The idea of the terroir is exemplified in the Burgundy wine region of France. A terroir is basically an area where all of the vineyards have very similar growing environments. Burgundy is the popular vineyard growing area of the eastern side of France. It has relatively cold winters for grape growing, but warm summers help.

Burgundy is one of the oldest wine growing regions to have global wine making fame. On more than 12 thousand square miles about 100 different wine appellations exist. Nearly 200 million bottles of wine are produced in the Burgundy wine region each year. Production includes such brilliant whites as Chassagne Montrachet and Chablis and such full reds as Beaune, Corton, and Pommard.

This growing region was once dominated by large monastic vineyards, but the treachery of the French Revolution left the area fragmented into smaller vineyards. An amazing 600 vineyards in this one region have been certified with the Premier Cru wine quality rating. An astonishing 33 have done even better, achieving Grand Cru status.

When you're drinking the Burgundy red wines from this region, you're typically drinking wines made with Pinot Noir. These wines are said to go well with poultry. When you're drinking brilliant white wines from this region, Chablis is the most likely. These wines are said to go well with cheeses.

Chablis is also a popular white grape, used to produce a dry, acidic white wine. Chardonnay grapes also grow very well in the Burgundy wine region. Finally, don't miss Beaujolais from the local Gamay grapes, which provide a rich, fruity taste.

The area of Volnay is renowned for its 800 year old red wine recipes. These make use of the ever popular Pinot Noir grapes grown on a 600 acre vineyard.

If you enjoy white wines, you'll want to try those from Meursault. The Chardonnay from this region is exquisitely dry and ages very well. Its fine flavor is accented by a pleasing aroma.

If you have been avoid the red Pommard from this region for a while because of its mediocrity, you'll want to know that it has rebounded splendidly over the last generation. Its powerful tannic flavor, when combined with the strong black cherry scent is once again one of the most enjoyed wines. It ages very well, so start storing yours soon.

Burgundy has long been a place of fine wines, and this strong wine grape growing region continues to produce some of the best wines to this day.