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French Wine Regions -  Bordeaux

To many people, Bordeaux is wine. Wine has been produced in the area in and around Bordeaux for nearly 2000 years. Bordeaux wines are best known for aging well.

The wine growing region around Bordeaux is on the coast of the Atlantic, containing more than 280,000 acres of wine grape vineyards. Thousands of Châteaux are based here too.

This region has short winters and long, hot summers. Most of this, as well as constantly high humidity levels, are attributable to the rivers Dordogne, Garonne, and Gironde that meet here.

Wines produced in this area are regulated by the legal system. Specifically, a body known as the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée is in charge of wine production and sales.

Many of the great vineyard crops here are found growing on plateaus with rocky soil that drains very well into underlying clays, which hold rich nutrients. Cabernet Sauvignon is popular here. Merlot is one of the most common ingredients in wines from this region.

In the graves region, named after its pebble-rich soil, vineyards flourish over more than 12,500 acres. The nearby Garonne River provides plenty of water. The grapes come out in awesome shades of red. Merlot and Cabernet are the most popular grapes here. But, Savignon Blanc and Semillon are also popular whites grown here.

If you see Pessac-Leognan on a wine from this area, you'll know that you're getting some of the best wine available from Bordeaux. You'll also see some crus bourgeois from this area.

South of this area is the Sauternes region. It has a much drier climate. It stays very warm during the growing season. The rich limestone soil makes it ideal for growing white wine grapes. It is also famous for dessert wines.

The oldest wine growing area around Bordeaux is Saint-Emillon. East of Gironde, it is an area mainly used for growing Merlot. Limestone and sand are the prominent growing soils. More than 36 million bottles of red wine are produced in this area each year. These wines are usually described in terms of their robust flavors.

A smaller, but very well-regarded area is Pomeral. The red wines produced from the sandy soil here with rich underlying clay soil grows some of the best Merlot and Bouchet. Château Pétrus is perhaps the most popular of the wines that comes from Pomeral.

Most of the wines of the Bordeaux region have been perfect. They store well for many years and taste fresh.