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French Wine Regions -  Côtes du Rhône

If you want to see a miniature Italy that is stretched out over 125 miles, you need only visit the Rhone Valley. This valley goes from Lyon to Avignon. Interestingly, this grape growing region has dramatic climate variation from the mild winters and hot summers of the Mediterranean climate to cold winters and warm summers.


French Wine Regions - Champagne

Champagne is a sparkling wine that gets its name from one of the premier wine growing regions of the world. With a cool growing climate, champagne offers some unique types of French vineyards with short growing seasons.


French Wine Regions - Burgundy

The idea of the terroir is exemplified in the Burgundy wine region of France. A terroir is basically an area where all of the vineyards have very similar growing environments. Burgundy is the popular vineyard growing area of the eastern side of France. It has relatively cold winters for grape growing, but warm summers help.


French Wine Regions -  Bordeaux

To many people, Bordeaux is wine. Wine has been produced in the area in and around Bordeaux for nearly 2000 years. Bordeaux wines are best known for aging well.


Italian Wine Regions - Chianti

Chianti literally means wine to the people in the region. Chianti is located in the midst of the rich grape growing areas of Florence and Sienna. Chianti is a hilly area that overlooks the Elsa Valley. There are also plenty of olives grown in Chianti, but this article is about the great wines that come from the Chianti wine region.


All About Canadian Wines

British Columbia is Canada's primary wine grape growing region. But nearly every province in Canada has at least some wine grape vineyards. It takes great skill to grow these vineyards in Canada's harsh climate. It is only in the last generation that Canadian wines have gained respect globally. Many of the wines gaining respect are merely the work of small family operations.


The Wines of British Columbia

British Columbia has only been producing wines on a large scale for a couple generations now, and many are surprised it grows wine grapes at all. Those who tried early wines from this region may have dismissed it altogether. But the latest generation of wines coming from British Columbia have proven to be very competent entries into the global marketplace.


French Wine Regions - Alsace

The wine makers of Alsace are among the longest standing in the world, dating back to Rome. The inhabitants of this rich wine making region of France are of a mixture of German and French descent. They even have their own language, Alsatian, which is based on German. While this is a very small wine making region, their wine making tradition is well established.


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