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Wine Regions

Italian Wine Regions

Italy has twenty wine regions that correspond to their political regions.  Thirteen of these regions produce 36 DOCG recognized wines. The most important Italian wines (Barolo, Barbaresco, and Brunello di Montalcino) are produced in Tuscany and Piedmont.


French Wine Regions Overview


The recognized wine producing areas in France are regulated by the Institut National des Appellations d'Origine (INAO).  The main French wine regions are listed below:


Wine from Chile

As a wine region, Chile is truly blessed. It has a Mediterranean climate that is similar to the climate in California and France, and it is located south of the equator. Chili's summer months are November to March, which means wine producer's grape harvest season is during the off-season in other wine producing countries. This puts Chilean wine producers at an advantage because they can fill the demand for the market when others are unable to do so.


The Wine Regions of Spain

Spain has a diverse set of wines. The location of present-day Spain has been a land of great wines for thousands of years. This is why such a variety of wines related beverages have been brought to perfection in this region. This why Andalusian sherry is so widely renowned. Take time to become familiar with the wine regions of Spain.


USA Wine Regions - Washington

Who would have guessed that Johnny Appleseed's target would become a wine making area? But for the last 50 years, that is what has happened to the northwestern United States.


USA Wine Regions -  Southern California

California is without a doubt the wine capital of the United States. Most wine enthusiasts are very familiar with the wines of the Napa area. Many of these are surprised when they taste the quality wines now coming from the southern portion of California.


French Wine Regions - Provence

Provence is a wine growing region that is located by the Mediterranean Sea, in between Nice, Marseille, and Avignon. While wine making in this region doesn't date back as far as it does in many other Mediterranean regions, 2,600 years of wine production is nothing to take for granted. While miniscule in comparison to the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region, the Provence wine region is still quite large with over 68,000 acres of active wine grape growing and more than five hundred wineries.


USA Wine Regions -  Oregon

Those familiar with typical wine growing techniques are astounded at the qualities of the wines that come from Oregon when they experience the Oregonian climate. Most of Oregon has an atypical grape growing climate. The main growing regions of Oregon are found in Willamette Valley, Walla Walla, Umpqua, Rogue, Illinois Valleys, and Columbia Gorge. In truth, the rainy, cold weather that dominates Oregon makes growing grapes that are ideal for wine making a real challenge.


USA Wine Regions  -  New York

New York is easily overshadowed as a wine region in the United States by the contiguous states along the Pacific. In particular, California is the United States' wine growing capital. However, the wines produced in New York are said to be worth experiencing.


French Wine Regions -  Languedoc-Roussillon

The largest of all wine producing regions, the Languedoc-Roussillon is located on the Mediterranean Sea, with the Rhone Delta on one side and Spain on the other side. This 10,500 square mile wine grape growing region produces more than 2 billion bottles of wine annually from the vineyards of more than 50 thousand growers. There are more than 3,000 wineries serving this region.


USA Wine Regions


There are over 3,000 vineyards across America, with at least one in every state.  The major wine regions of the United States are listed below:


The Wine Regions of Germany

Each year, Germany holds hundreds of wine festivals. In order to provide all that wine and fun, however, Germany's wine producers need to be hard at work in their world-famous vineyards.


The Wine Regions of Australia

Australia's wine industry goes as far back as the 1850s, although it didn't really pick up until about three decades ago. Since that time, Australia has become one of the big producers of white and red wines in the world.


The Wine Regions of South Africa

South Africa doesn't grow a lot of wine grapes. Its estimated growing area is only about 260,000 acres. However, the popularity of its wines is on the rise globally. About 20% of South Africa's annual wine production is now exported.


Italian Wine Regions - Tuscany

Tuscany is a region between Milan, Rome, the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Apennines Mountains.


Italian Wine Regions -  Sicily

Sicily is a sunny area that has been known for its outstanding wine production for thousands of years. The original settlers of this area were the ones who brought agriculture to greatness in Italy.


Italian Wine Regions - Piedmont

Where the Borbera river meets the Tanaro river, not far from Turin, Italy, the Piedmont wine making region can be found. Piedmont wines generally either come from the area of Alba or Asti. This entire, relatively secluded region by the Alps and Apennines is one of the main Italian wine growing regions.


USA Wine Regions - Northern California Wines

It is not surprising that hundreds of years ago northern California was targeted as a pristine wine grape growing region. After all, it reminds many people of the wine growing areas of France. While this region is not nearly as large as France, it has become a major player in the wine market. Napa Valley, Sonoma County, and Mendocino County all have significant wine grape growing areas.


French Wine Regions - Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is located in France. It is just as renowned for its beauty as for its wines. The wine grapes are typically grown all along the Loire River, which runs from Auvergne to the Atlantic.


Italian Wine Regions -  Emilia-Romagna

The Emilia-Romagna wine region can be found between the Apennines hills, Po River, and Adriatic Sea. It produces some of the finest Italian wines. It is also well-known for its cuisine. As a wine grape growing region, it offers fertile plains.

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