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Home Wine Basics
Wine Basics

Finding A Wine Club for Your Favorite Taste

Many think of wine clubs as being something only for general wine enthusiasts and growers. However, these days wine clubs are now common and diverse in interests and membership.


Glossary of Wine Terms

Learn the language of wine, to help you sound more informed.


Health Benefits and Risks of Wine

For thousands of years wine has been recommended as a miracle tonic for a variety of health defects. In some cases, such as use as a disinfectant, science has borne out these old recommendations. But some of the other wine prescriptions have had grim effects. What do we know about the impact of wine on health now?


Wine Serving Made Simple

It is actually possible to get degrees in various aspects of wine. But, unless you want a profession in wine, you don't need to go to this extent in order to learn how to serve wine.


How to Store Wine

Stored wine does not remain static. It ages. Aging your wine properly involves being in control of the rate of change. You also want to have your wine age in just the right way. In order to age your wine properly, you need to control such environmental factors as air, humidity, light, temperature, and vibrations.


Good Grapes -  The Key to Good Wine

There aren't many agricultural endeavors that can rival wine making (viticulture). And nothing lets you enjoy a good glass of wine at the end. In order to produce fine wine, you'll need to consider these factors: select the right site to cultivate the grapes, choose the grape variety, prepare the soil, implement some sort of sunlight control, manage the fermentation process, and even choose the right cork.


All About Wine Grapes

For many thousands of years, man has been making wine. In Persia (Iran), pottery dating as far back as 5,500 BC indicate that our ancestors used grape to make wine. In China, Jiahu jars between 6,000 and 7,000 BC were unearthed and found to contain wine made from wild grapes. No matter when the wines are made, though, they require many of the same conditions, as well as wine making techniques.