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Wine Information

Wine Information is your essential resource to help you find, select, and enjoy wine.

To get started, please select an area of interest from the menu bar above, or from one of the topics below.


Wine Basics

Our Wine 101 section - includes everything you need to know about serving and enjoying your wine.

Wine Regions

Understand where wine is grown, and the differences between the various wine regions.

Wine Tasting and Selection

Learn the proper way to taste wine.  Discover how to select the best wine for the money.

Wine And Food

Discover what wine pairs with what types of food.

Wine Making

Find out the basics of wine making from your home.


Free Wine Information is dedicated to the premise that you shouldn't have to pay or subscribe to get meaningful wine information.  Whether you are just beginning your appreciation of wine, or are an advanced wine connoisseur, we hope provides you with the wine information you are looking for. provides free basic wine information, as well as information on: wine regions, wine tasting, selecting wines, wine reviews, pairing wine and food and wine making.  We do not sell anything on, but we do offer limited advertising to help defray the costs of the site.